Live Music Concerts – What’s all the fuss?

Live music is one of those topics that when described by one person who was at the concert to another who was not is actually quite annoying. When someone says to me “I saw this amazing band. They were so tight and the guitarist was so good it was scary. The songs were simply magical and the singer hit every note perfectly” it just makes me realise I missed something special. The problem with this kind of explanation is it gives me no clue as to the experience. All I know is you had a good time and I missed out. What I would prefer is for them to simply say “I recommend you see this band/ guitarist. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.” That is all I need to hear.

But I say this yet I am as guilty as the next person. When I come away from a great concert you just want to tell everyone. A great concert can be a life changing experience. I recall seeing Stevie Ray Vaughn as a teenager at the Sydney Opera House and I felt like I was in Heaven. The inspiration from that concert alone was enough to keep me practicing for a lifetime. Not to be Stevie but just to play.

If you truly want to play guitar I suggest you make sure you see a world class concert at least twice a year and then catch some local up and coming talent once a month if possible. I think its vitally important to keep you motivated and focused.

If you do see a gig/concert of any description let me know how it went down. I will happily post your review on our blog.

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