Are you progressing too slowly?

A student recently ask me a question about their progress. They were concerned that they were not progressing quick enough after comments from someone who said they thought their progress was slow. Here was my response;

Your progress. Ultimately we (G4GUITAR) can only guide you. Your personal progress will depend on many factors and is always personal. Some people pick up a guitar and within months play like they have been at it for years others take several years. The main factors are as follows;

Musical history – Did you learn music as a child?
Family – Music is like a language. If other family members played music chances are you will have a better start. Tommy Emmanuel, Van Halen and even Mozart are/were all children of professional musicians.
Innate ability – Some people just seem to have a gift. Same as anything really.
Discipline – Practicing daily and working on the skills will make all the difference.
Confidence – Not all great players are skillful. Being a confident player is important. Eric Clapton (slow hand) is an example. He does not even come close to today’s shredders yet he is still known as a Guitar God. When you play always try and imagine the feeling you are trying to portray. Its not just about the notes. Feel is vitally important.
Social – Play with other players. Music is like a language. If you don’t practice playing with others you won’t progress very quickly. Mixing it up with other players will also help you to evaluate where you are at. You will get to know your own style.

Remember that learning guitar is not a competition. If it were it would be an Olympic event. The skills you learn with G4GUITAR can be applied to most styles but if your goal is to be a great player you need to practice like one and listen to the great players. We can’t do that for you but we do provide the content of your practice via the G4GUITAR METHOD and combined with our online advice (blogs, TWITTER etc) you will find most of what you need.

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