Don’t Give Up Your Day Job…

Perhaps your parents, friends, neighbours or even the TV told you to get a real job. “You will never earn a living playing guitar”. Well I am here to say they are WRONG! Very wrong. Playing guitar has pretty much supported me for over 20 years and will continue to do so probably for the rest of my life. So give up your day job and focus on the guitar but at the same time make sure you have a plan. A BUSINESS PLAN. Becoming a successful artist in any arena of art is a long and winding road. Some get lucky early, some work hard and eventually find success and most never get there but usually because they simply were not committed. A business plan means ensuring you have an income while you develop your art. It also means having a plan B. You may aspire to be a rock star now but you may very well change. Being a rock star is glamorous when you are 21yo but the gloss fades and new priorities emerge. So if you love guitar my suggestion is build a great teaching business and work at your art. That way you are doing what you love but also securing yourself a future via a business.

Here is a great article called 10 REASONS WHY YOU NEVER GET A JOB.

David Hart

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