Don’t Sell Your Guitar…

Guitar-CollectionIf you are learning to play the guitar or if it is already in your blood, there will come a time when you will obviously buy a guitar and then probably at some stage in your life due to circumstance or whatever trigger, want or need to sell your guitar.
I would like to advise you to never sell your guitar.
I had, over a number of years bought a collection of guitars including Stratocasters, Les Pauls, ES125, ES175, etc.
It was a great collection and I loved every one of those guitars.
As life will do, my situation changed and I sold them all.
For many years I didn’t have a guitar but when the urge to play again caught up with me, I went around looking for another Gibson 175 like the one I owned before. I was in for a shock. The prices had increased not in line with inflation but as these guitars became older, they were highly prized by collectors and therefore became very expensive. So expensive that I couldn’t spend the amount of money that was being asked.
All I have of my previous collection is photo which I look at often and invariably call myself an idiot. Even the Gibson SG I had which was not that popular at the time but because of it’s age is very expensive.

So, my advice to you is don’t sell your instrument, especially if it is a guitar you really like.

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In the pic you will see;

Fender Lap Steel (60’s)
Fender Strat
Gibson Dove (Acoustic)
Gibson ES125 (My very first electric)
Gibson SG
Gibson Les Paul Gold Top
Fender Showman Amp

Not shown;

Gibson ES175
Gibson Les Paul Junior

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