Where to from here?

Many guitar students will reach a point in their learning where they will complete all the G4 GUITAR Levels and will want to go to the next stage. At G4 GUITARwe see our role as taking you to a level where you will be accepted into a higher education course enabling you to become professional. That leads us to the question of ‘Where to from her?’

For Rock guitarists I would suggest (if you can) going to the Musicians Institute(MI) in Hollywood California USA for a few reasons. Of course many of the teachers are world class guitarists but also you will have the opportunity to network with other musicians. This is an important part of becoming successful in the rock/pop world.

My next recommendation would be Berkley Music College in Boston USA. Berkley caters well for both rock and jazz. If jazz is your preference I would recommend Berkley over MI.

If you prefer to stay local Sydney has the Conservatorium of Music. There are also Musician’s institutes in some major cities which offer some certified courses but I would research the courses first to ensure they offer what you are looking for.

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