The True Value Of A Coach

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 10.27.57 PMI must admit that I too at times question the value of a coach given that there is so much free information on every possible topic you can imagine. Pre-Internet a coach/mentor/teacher was almost always your best option. But the rules have changed. Now if I want to get fit, learn how to take great photos or cook an amazing meal the Internet offers step by step instructions that don’t cost a cent but is there more to the story?

Lessons from my past

I have kept a diary and notes most of my adult life and what stood out as the most significant life altering moments were very often the times I had a coach. Sure I had some coaches who under delivered but thats okay. I can honestly say my greatest leaps of progress in life, music, health, work and personal development have occurred while under the influence of a coach. To this very day I am extremely grateful to my coaches. There is something about having someone committed to my success that no website, video, book or audio recording can match. Accountability seems to get left out on all the above. With a good coach quitting or even putting in less than 100% feels like I am letting down not just myself but my coach. 

Coaches help us to stay with our dreams

Our friends and family obviously care about us but they are usually not particularly invested in our success. In fact very few people in your life will be. At best friends will give you a “That’s nice” or the classic “Don’t give up your day job”. Friends and family certainly mean well but your personal goals really don’t matter much to them. When we talk too much about our aspirations and challenges we can be perceived as egotistical and self centred. Those around you will tend to switch off and might even become irritated. This can lead you to question your goals and give up on them. A coach on the other hand is very interested. Their business is your success. They want to hear about your progress and they certainly don’t want you to give up. They are usually also qualified to give you advice and their job is to help you achieve your dreams. 


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