Why measuring progess is critical for your child’s success on guitar

AAA  GeorgiaChildren (like most adults) want to succeed at what they do. They do not want to appear to fail but sometimes success can seem elusive or just not worth the effort. Basically they lose their confidence to succeed.
Success on guitar can only be achieved if the student perceives some kind of progress. This perception of a  progress comes from having some kind of measuring system. TheG4 GUITAR METHOD provides that measurement system. Of course students need to be moving forward to actually progress and this can only come from practice but more importantly the right practice. Doing the right practice happens as a combination through a combination lessons and monitoring their practice. For most children there is one very critical almost make or break factor that ensures the right practice will occur. PARENTS.
Children need to be coached into doing the right kind of practice. Parental support is the magic ingredient. Young children are often not self disciplined enough to sit down and focus for 20 minutes of practice a day. They need help in establishing the routine and also help understanding the material. For teachers 30 minutes a week is only enough time to guide them in the right direction and check on progress. Teachers simply can’t make students practice with weekly lessons. Only daily lessons could provide such a result.
The teacher’s responsibility is to inform parents of what needs to happen at home.
Children go to school six hours a day so school teachers have more time to monitor children as they learn. In the case of weekly music lessons parents need to do that work at home. At G4 GUITAR our best young students are the ones whose parents sit in on lessons from time to time, regularly check in with the teacher, check their child’s practice log each day or better still help them with their practice, ask questions and read our blogs. We also have many parents who learn with G4 GUITAR and this is without a doubt a winning combination. Basically the more involved you are the better your child will do.
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