Students who continue lessons in holidays have a big advantage

School holidays are a well deserved break for children who have been at school all year 5 days a week 6 hours a day not to mention homework and extra activities. The summer holidays are 6 weeks and as a child I remember looking forward to this time as it meant I could spend all day doing the things I enjoyed such as swimming and guitar.Guitar lessons on the other hand are a very different story. We don’t learn 6 hours a day 5 days a week so a break is really not necessary. Students who continue through holidays do far better and over years end up far better guitarists.

12 weeks of holidays per year

When a student who learns guitar breaks for holidays it adds up to 12 weeks a year. Basically 20%. Most of the students who don’t attend lessons in holiday periods tend not to practice. Years ago I would not teach students in holidays until I read a report on how students who break fall far behind over the long run.Over 5 years students fall behind by one year but research has shown the effect is actually much more dramatic. Children who are on holidays have more time to practice and therefore make more progress then normal. Some students can actually end up 6 months ahead of those who do not do holiday lessons.We therefore encourage you to continue lessons in holidays if possible. It will make all the difference.

Guitar Lessons For The Serious Beginner