Learning guitar online. Does it work?

bigstockphoto_Surfing_The_Www_335924On one hand learning guitar online once seemed like a distance far off possibility whereas on the other given our current technology it should now be the norm. Everyone is very busy these days so traveling back and forth each week to see a guitar teacher takes time not only for the student but often a parent. When I was a kid (I was born in the 60’s by the way) watching ‘The Jetsons’ it seem to me by 2010 we would all be driving space cars and living among robots. At the very least I expected the visual interaction via TV screens to be common place. The technology is now here of course but its still a little shaky mostly because of the bandwidth required to make it all run smoothly. In saying that it is advancing literally by the day. Internet speeds that were only affordable to the very wealthy a few years ago are now common place. In a year or two from now most people will have all the bandwidth they need for crystal clear visual communication.

Teaching guitar online up until recently has not really been a good option. Skype can still be unreliable at times and the varying quality of video cameras, lighting and computer speeds all play a part. There is still no real reliable standard. Given all that I do believe we are ready to teach guitar online. It will have its limitations of course but we have now reached a point where the benefits of learning online are now starting to out weight the face to face or at the very least have equal appeal. I now have regular meetings with people online and it works very well and the number of online lesson inquiries has increased dramatically this year. The fact that you can learn from your laptop means you don’t have to travel. For parents it means they don’t have to drive their children to and from lessons.

Teaching guitar online is not a new idea for us. Our team at G4 GUITAR has been pondering this question for some years now because we knew it was only a matter of time before students starting requesting to learn the G4 GUITAR METHOD online. The reality is millions of people are already learning guitar online via Youtube videos, blogs and the various online lesson options but it is mostly passive learning oppose to interactive. Much of it is unstructured much like the internet itself. Its one huge maze that usually only confuses students in the end. Some of the content is actually quite good in its own right and even helpful but information is best absorbed through a teacher and even better a teacher with a plan. The reason G4 GUITAR continues to enrolled thousands of new students every year is because we understand what you the student needs and in what order you need to learn it.

G4 GUITAR is now introducing lessons online so here is your chance to learn with a real live teacher but from the convenience of your PC. How it works is you book in to an available time with one of our qualified teachers who will teach you online and do a face to face lesson with you. You will need to have Skype or Google chat installed on your computer with a fast reliable internet connection. We will mail the lesson materials to you prior to your first lesson. We will also be able to recommend downloads and links to help you make the most of your online lessons.

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If you have any questions please email david@g4guitar.com.au

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David Hart – Program Director


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