Learning guitar is about attitude

mountainI personally find the best students are those who like a challenge. Its not so much about being able to play guitar but being able to overcome the obstacles. Its an attitude. Learning guitar is like climbing a mountain. You have to be prepared for lots of hard work before you can enjoy standing on the summit. Some techniques are harder then others but the harder the climb the better you feel when you reach the summit. Some things will be easier than you expect while others much harder. If you are developing the skills constantly you will always be improving. Its basically about developing your climbing skills through practice but its your attitude that will keep you climbing no matter how hard it seems.My suggestion is to work mostly on the skills and focus on no more than 6 songs at one time but feel free to rotate the songs so you don’t get sick of them. Try to think of them not as songs but as projects. Make sure the foundations are solid. If you are too anxious to play the song you will compromise your technique. The best way to learn guitar is with a passion for developing skills because this is where you will be spending most of your time. In the words of Paco Pena “Guitar is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration”.
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