Creative learning makes all the difference

CreativeWhen it comes to learning guitar your best option is to use a structured method because a method will contain a clear goal with specific steps. The idea of any guitar method is to essentially save you time and to avoid common mistakes. A method of course is a system and effective systems are designed to remove the guesswork. E.g. Transport systems, education systems, health systems etc. Systems work very nicely and our modern world would not exist without them BUT where do the systems come from?

Where do systems come from?

Systems of course arise from creative thinking often in the form of solutions to problems. When learning guitar its important to use the best method (system) you can find with a teacher who understands the importance of using an effective method (oppose to guesswork) but students and teachers must balance this with creativity. Creativity will allow you to learn while also discovering your unique strengths and interests. When I say creativity I mean everything from experimenting with new techniques to composing songs to jamming along with your favourite songs. When I was a child I would put on AC/DC and pretend I was Angus Young making up my own guitar parts. This allowed me to do two things. Firstly I was able to discover my own original ideas and secondly I started to understand what Angus was playing.

The importance of fun

Creative learning also contains the all important element of fun. Practicing skills is often hard work but if there is no joy in learning students (especially children) will soon lose interest. Today many leading authorities from educational experts working with children up to those who study the success of businesses find that fun and creativity are essential for not only success but well being. Companies like Google and Apple place a huge emphasis on fun and creativity. Google for example create a university campus environment so employees can take time off throughout the day to play by providing pool tables, foosball, swimming pools and more. Google also have a 20% program where employees can spend 20% of their work time working on special projects.

So remember to spend a certain amount of your time being creative, After all creativity is what separates us from machines.

David Hart – Program Director


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