Immerse Yourself in Guitar

bigstockphoto_Young_Girl_With_Guitar_2339814Surrounding yourself with guitar has a subtle yet powerful effect on your motivation. The best way to stay motivated about guitar is to immerse yourself in it so here are some tips;

  • Stick guitar posters on your wall. Choose posters that inspire you.
  • Make up playlists on your ipod of inspiring guitar songs.
  • Go to your guitar lesson every week. Missing lessons will deplete your motivation.
  • Go to a guitar shop once a month and check out the latest guitars.
  • Watch a live guitarist or band whenever possible. Even if they are bad.
  • Go to open mic nights and either get up and play or just watch.
  • Worship a guitar idol. Most great guitarists were inspired by other great guitarists.
  • Check out Youtube and subscribe to your favourites.
  • Make friends with other guitarists, drummers, bass players, singers and anyone who will jam.
  • Have a GUITAR DAY. Put a reminder on your calender each month where you devote the whole day to getting motivated about guitar playing.
  • Visit the G4GUITAR Website or this Blog.
  • Most of all have fun…
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