The Yin and Yang of Learning Guitar

Yin and Yang of learning guitarLearning guitar is by no means a perfect science. What works for one person may not work for another as every teacher well knows. Finding what works for you will be a challenge. Success is usually the result of many failures and accepting this is your first step toward success. We therefore need to be prepared to take risks and try different approaches. The success strategy of trial and error receives far less credit than it deserves and should be seen as a stepping stone to success. Success in hindsight may seem obvious and deliberate but this is rarely the truth. When people become successful it’s easy to assume that they know some secret that only successful people know. There is some truth in this idea because what they know is that success is often the result of trial and error. At this point you might be saying  ” Yes but isn’t it better to use a tried and proven method to avoid the common pitfalls of learning guitar?” My answer is simple. Yes but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experiment.Following instructions and experimentation
I of course recommend using a proven method when learning almost anything. The fastest way to mastering guitar is via a proven path. Why reinvent the wheel? As with almost anything one must seek balance. Think of it as the yin and yang of learning guitar. This is where trial and error comes into the equation. If you were to choose a particular method of learning guitar and follow it to the letter you are likely to miss out on different perspectives. I know if students stick to my instructions they will succeed at learning guitar but I also want them to discover their own path and not become a clone of me and this requires a certain level of experimentation. You and your teacher need to trial different approaches to see what works for you.
A personal journey of discovery
Guitar like almost everything is evolving and that includes the way we learn guitar. When I was a kid the internet was non-existent. If today I stuck to the same methods of teaching and communicating with students that my teacher used my students would probably be teaching me. What worked well yesterday is likely outdated today. By all means stick with what works but devote some time to testing out new strategies and learning about new technology. It’s not just about finding new undiscovered methods of practice and learning but it is also about finding what works for you. Learning guitar is and always will be a personal journey of discovery.
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