Advice For Students Learning The Guitar

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Learning guitar is like learning a new language. It takes years of practice and dedication. I really admire anyone who is willing to follow their ambitions of learning a musical instrument.

Here is some advice for those students
1. Have a Goal: The clearer your goal is the more likely you will be to succeed in achieving this. For many students the main goal is to be able to play their favourite songs. This is why we have the ultimate song list. Make sure you fill this in and revisit it regularly.
2. Develop a daily practice routine: Without practice there is no progress. When starting out its best to do small amounts of practice 15 -20mins each day than to do 1 or 2 long sessions a week. The best way to develop a practice routine is use a practice log. Make sure you fill this in daily.
3. Lower your expectations: Learning guitar is a lifelong pursuit. Progress is slow and there will be times when you will feel like giving up. This is very normal…. The reality is that it will take you at least 2 years of regular practice before you are out of the beginner phase of learning. So if you are in this phase just enjoy the process.
4. Persistence is the key: There will be times when you feel as though you are not progressing. This is normal, anything worth doing will present a challenge and those who persist will reap the rewards.
5. Listen to music: Listening to music is a great way to seek inspiration. It can keep you going through times when you are finding progress difficult.
Written by Brendan Morello of Morello Guitar Schools – Stanmore NSW.
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