“When will I be able to play a song on guitar?”

Guitar musicThis is the question almost all guitar students ask their teachers. Lets face it, we learn guitar to play songs. Most students initially don’t mind if they are easy guitar songs as long as they sound like something they know.
The answer to your question

My answer to guitar students is simple. You can play a song on guitar right now if you can strum. Simply tune the guitar to any chord you like and play a one chord song. The real question you should be asking your teacher is not when but what can you play. Your guitar playing will evolve with practice. There is no end point. The skills you posses now will allow you to play certain songs and as you develop more and more songs will be within your skill set.
Find guitar songs around your level

There are always more guitar songs out there to challenge you so all I can say is enjoy the current challenge. If you feel frustrated chances are you are trying to play songs on guitar that you are just not ready for. If you really want to play a song on guitar now just ask your guitar teacher to show you a song within your current range of guitar skills.
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