5 Tips to Get the Most Out Of Your Guitar Practice

  1. Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 2.51.47 pmStay organised. Keep everything you need in one place so you it can easily be found. You want to be able to get into a rhythm (pun intended) with your practice. Spend a few minutes before you start guitar practice organising your space and checking you have everything at arms length.
  2. Set time limits. I work in 10 minute blocks. For example I will start with one picking exercise for 10 mins and then perhaps one scale for 10 mins followed by another skill for 10 minutes and so on. I will do the same with a song working on a small section of a song for 10 mins. This stops me from wasting time and drifting from one thing to the next.
  3. Track and log your practice. Be aware of exactly how much time you are practicing and what you are practicing.  When you track your practice you become more aware of your progress. Its actually hard to explain but this raised awareness will make you feel more confident about achieving your goals.
  4. Prioritize. Like most of us there are probably thousands of songs you want to play and you are anxious to learn them all but will they make you a better player? Learn to put what matters first. What is the one thing that you most want to be able to do on guitar in a year or 5 years from now? Put on top of your list.
  5. The big picture. Knowing your ultimate goal gives your practice meaning. I recommend all students write out an Ultimate Song List of no more than 25 songs they hope to one day play. This gives students a clear direction.
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