Are you a frustrated guitarist?

Guitar sux
Guitar player frustration


Don’t be put off. Your frustration is trying to tell you something so you need to listen. My early beginnings on guitar were mostly enjoyable. I had little to no expectations. My school friend had an electric guitar and he would kindly let me play it when I would visit his home which became a regular routine (due to my desire to play his Washburn/Peavey combination). I eventually bought my own and tried to teach myself but found I was becoming increasingly frustrated. My fingers just weren’t moving faster enough and the songs never sounded quite right. I wanted to sound like a pro and couldn’t understand why despite my best efforts I sounded like a hacker. I was very close to giving up but something told me that giving up was not an option. So what then?

Listen to your frustration.
I decided to enrol for guitar lessons. It took a teacher a few weeks to unravel the reasons behind my frustration but gradually it all made sense. The first problem was my ear. I could certainly tell that I wasn’t sounding like the recordings I was attempting to emulate but my ear was not able to pick out these often subtle differences. My teacher was able to demonstrate and then correct me  and it made a world of difference. These days I must say that there are some excellent ear training software programs. I recommend you check out EarMaster or Pure Pitch.
The moral to the story
We need to listen to our frustration and work out what its telling us. In almost every case I find frustration comes from not knowing the answer to a problem. This is when we need to seek the help of others.
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