The Loog Guitar?

Award winning 3 string guitar
3 string guitar

The Loog Guitar was the invention of Rafael Atijas who developed the concept as his Master’s thesis at New York University.  The Loog Guitar was launched in 2011 via Kickstarter the fundraising website as a creative project. The idea behind the Loog Guitar was to make a simple, fun, inexpensive and even environmentally friendly instrument that would introduce kids to the guitar. 3 strings makes tuning easier and for kids with small hands easier to manage. Confidence is an important factor when kids especially first pick up a guitar so 3 strings is a good way to start. Check out their website at


A structured system for learning guitar
The G4 Guitar Method for Beginners

Free 5 week  Beginner Guitar Course G4 GUITAR METHOD 

Please follow the link to our free online course.


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