Guitar is not rocket science

I must admit that when I started learning guitar it may as well have been rocket science. It completely baffled me and it seemed every time I had a question answered it led to 5 new questions. I had no clue why certain chords were used in combination or what modes were or how any of it related to my favorite songs. I became intensely curious about music theory and would spend hours everyday reading in the hope of unlocking its secrets. Within a few months it started to make sense. There was of course still much to learn and one could spend a lifetime studying music theory but my motivation to learn music was not based on understanding music from a theoretical perspective. I wanted to play and my initial hunger for music theory was simply about understanding how most popular songs were constructed and those few months of focused study gave me a good solid grounding. I strongly encourage you to learn music theory and can assure you that essential theory is not difficult. A good teacher could teach you most of what you really need to know within a few months.

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