Follow your dream to play guitar.

bigstockphoto_Heavy_Metal_3692633Apple legend Steve Jobs was inspired by The Beatles. He was himself a huge music fan. The reason Apple computers have a strong music focus (think Garageband, iTunes and Logic) is because of Jobs’s passion for music. The reason I mention Steve Jobs is because you would be hard pressed to find a better example of someone who succeeded following their passion in life and this was his mantra. Jobs believed that to be truly successful and fulfilled in life you must follow your passion.

But wait…What about the bills?

It’s fine to say ‘follow your passion’ but we all have to pay the rent, eat, pay bills etc. For most people today keeping up with the financial demands can be overwhelming. At times it just seems impossible to have the luxury of follow one’s passions but ask yourself this. Are the excuses we tell ourselves real? I have read countless rags to riches stories. In fact starting out with nothing more than an idea is the norm. All around us we see products and inventions that were once just ideas and many were started by people no better off than you or I. They came from very humble beginnings.

The death of our dreams

Unfortunately our dreams, especially those from our impressionable teens get pushed aside while we struggle to keep up with the Jones. Despite what we tell ourselves it doesn’t have to be this way. I had a full time job when I was 19yo but soon realized I it was not going to make me happy even with a generous salary. I was forced to follow a routine doing something I hated just so I could get enough money to pay the bills. I decided to quit and made music my career. It was scary at first mostly because I knew it was very competitive and seemed most guitarists were much better than I was at the time. But despite the challenges I made it work. I have since spent my life earning a living from guitar. I am not a rockstar but while I may have had such a dream at 14 years old by my 20’s my dream was not to be a rockstar. My passion as I discovered was to share my love of playing music. What’s your passion?


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