When is the best time of day to practice guitar?

G4 Guitar Blog w MetronomeSurprisingly this question is rarely considered by guitar students yet, working out the best time of day to practice can make a huge impact on your progress. We are all unique so you need to find what works for you. I must admit that it never occurred to me until many years in to my guitar playing career to think about such a question. I think I read an article about how training physically is best done in the afternoon due to the body’s metabolism. While this may be true it also depends on the person and circumstances.

Best time of day for practice

Generally speaking practice is best done when you are not tired or sleepy or when you are likely to be disturbed or mentally preoccupied. For example I wouldn’t advise trying to practice guitar when you should be working. Giving yourself 30 minutes of fully focused practice is far better than 60 minutes when your attention is divided.

How to work out the best time for you

This can be done through trial and error by initially practicing at different times of day to see which time feels the most productive. This is a very worthwhile exercise as it may end up resulting in you reaching your goals in much less time. Finding your optimum guitar practice time will simply give you a better return on your time investment. If you find yourself skipping practice more than once a week I would suggest scheduling your guitar practice at a different time. Once you have found the time that works best for you stick with it but occasionally try a different time just to be sure.


So when is your best time of day to practice guitar? Let us know in the comments section.


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