Buying a guitar (for beginners)

G4 GUITAR Buying a guitarBuying your first guitar is not so scary. In fact its probably easier than buying your second because there are only a few things you need to consider. Here are the most important considerations ehrn choosing;

Type: A classic guitar with nylon strings is the best option for a beginner unless you are fixed on playing an electric from the outset. Electrics tend to be heavy for children but are fine for teens to adults. Steel string acoustics may be a bit hard on the fingers and hands for a beginner but if you think you are up to it you can give it a go.

Size: The guitar should be the right size for your age. Here is a guide. 1/4 size 3 to 5 years, 1/2 size – 4 to 6 years, 3/4 size 6 to 12 years and full size 11 years and over. The overlaps are really about your physical size. The guitar just needs to feel right. 

Brand: If you go to a reputable music shop they will generally only deal in reliable guitars but just make sure you get a 12 month warranty. Almost all guitars are now made in China and many brands come out of the same factories. 

Price: This is really up to you but there is no need to spend more than a few hundred dollars on your first guitar. 

Advice: Being your first guitar you will probably not know a $200 guitar from a $2000 one. Its best to take a friend who plays so they can give it a test. At worst ask the shop for a 7 day return option so you can get your teacher to take a look.

There are quite a few website that offer more in depth information and here is an example if you would like to learn more.



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