Why Learning Guitar is Good for the Environment

There are many ways you can spend your time. Surfing the net, watching TV, playing video games, going for a drive, going to the movies or going Shopping. So how do these options compare to guitar? Lets look at TV. An average TV uses around 200 watts per hour. More if its a plasma TV. Apart from the fact that the guitar requires a small amount of timber and the occasional string change there are no other environmental effects. We don’t even need to bother with carbon emmission studies here. Think about it. Image if you bought a quality acoustic guitar and exchanged just one hour a day of TV for one hour of guitar over a lifetime. That equates to around 27,000 hours. If every Australian turned off their TV for one hour a day and played guitar instead we would save 600,000,000,000 hours of electricity over a lifetime. I know… some of you don’t want to play guitar so take up drums or saxophone. Doing it for the environment is a great thing but who knows you might just discover you enjoy playing music along the way.

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