Why environment matters

If you want to play guitar or music or would like your child to play you need to consider your environment. Anyone can become a great musician given the right environment. Let us say you are an adult and you decide to take up guitar. You work 5 days a week, have an active social life along with a gym membership and a few other interests. You know you can spare 30 minutes a day to learn guitar so you book in your lessons but after a month you feel no real progress. Your motivation is waning and practice only seems to be happening on every 2nd or 3rd day. What is the problem here?

Design your environment

It would be easy to simply say you don’t have time or the motivation but in a word the problem is your ENVIRONMENT. Your environment is not set up for learning guitar. Everything in your life is competing for your time and is actually demotivating you in your efforts to become an accomplished guitar player. Guitar practice quickly becomes a negative experience because you know you having pressing emails, phone messages, social commitments, work to be done and a gym membership that needs to be used. Your environment is literally working against you.

The solution

This is not easy but it is critical. Most successful people are the result of their environment whether they are aware of it or not. I  recommend you read a book called ‘BOUNCE’ which  explains the science behind this fact giving examples mostly in sport. If you truly want to succeed at guitar you need to set up your environment so your chances of success are high. When I was a teenager I did this firstly by surrounding myself with musical friends, committing to a band and later by becoming a guitar teacher.  I still had other activities competing for my time but guitar was obviously a high priority and family and friends knew it was my profession so respected the fact that I needed to practice.

Its your environment that will make the biggest difference. If you are unmotivated or feel frustrated about your guitar progress than take a closer look at your environment. Consider how many of your friends share your passion, or try going to concerts more often, buying new music, taking lessons and so on.


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