Understanding the G4 GUITAR METHOD

CL1The question of what is the G4 GUITAR METHOD is among the most common we receive. I think a better question is what does the student need to know to ensure success. The  G4 GUITAR METHOD is a basically a format based around what we call the 7 Essential Skills plus songs. Each level comes with a checklist and the goal for each student is to complete the skills on each checklist within 6 to 9 months.

Less Time Writing = More Time Learning.

The G4 GUITAR METHOD was designed ideally for group learning. Having checklists ensures no skill is overlooked while also reducing the time spent writing things down. Many teachers spend half the lesson time writing notes for students which is valuable lesson time lost. Most teachers write notes so students know what to practice. The  G4 GUITAR METHOD student only has to look at their G4 Checklist. If they don’t understand what is required of a particular skill they should skip it and work on what they do understand or check out some of our online videos. For example if a student is not sure how to play a particular arpeggio they should work on another skill or song. If they are still confused then it’s time to speak to their teacher.

The G4 Checklists are laid out in a consistent format so once a student understands Level 1 they will easily understand Level 2 and so on. This consistency actually accelerates learning. Think of it like driving a car. When you go to a foreign country where they drive on the opposite side of the road with different road rules and signs it’s almost like learning to drive all over again. If instead you went to a new state driving you had never been to before the driving is easy because the rules, signs etc are still the same.  Having a consistent format also helps parents to easily monitor their child’s progress from week to week right through our entire course.
Parent involvement can make the difference 

For parents I recommend you keep an eye on your child’s checklist from week to week while also consulting the teacher on their progress, strengths and weaknesses. Parent involvement makes all the difference. It is important to note that 30 minutes a week is only enough to guide students. The real work is done at home and parents play an important role in ensuring their child’s success on guitar.


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