My Top 5 tips for success on Guitar

Copy of G4 Logo 11. Fill in your practice Log. FACT: Students who fill in their practice logs almost always progress at a faster rate and are more likely to stick with guitar long term. The practice log shows your commitment to the guitar. It keeps a track of your investment therefore giving you a way to compare your results compared to time invested. This helps you to make better use of your time. It also helps your teacher to accurately assess your progress and commitment. If there is anyone strategy that produces the greatest results it would have to be the Practice Log.

2. Stick to the G4 GUITAR METHOD. Why reinvent the wheel? We have spent thousands of hours teaching, researching and testing all the best ways to learn guitar. I have personally studied some of the best teachers & the best players not just in guitar but all areas of skill development. I make it my business to study successful achievers at every opportunity. The G4 GUITAR METHOD has been carefully designed and includes everything you need to build a solid foundation to playing great guitar. By all means find your own style but stick to the program to develop your skills.

3. Be consistent. Try to practice everyday no matter what. We all have busy lives and it is easy to make excuses but excuses won’t make you a great guitar player. I know you want to be great and you can be if you get consistent with your practice. It takes around 15 weeks to establish a habitual practice routine. After that it gets easy. Trust me. I practice 2 to 3 hours every night without fail and I am VERY VERY BUSY. Just for the record I practice around 6000 minutes per month. I CHALLENGE YOU TO BEAT THAT! If you beat it let me know and I will publish you on our website.

4. Listen to your teacher. Your teacher knows what you need to be doing in order to improve. If you don’t understand what is being asked of you then don’t be afraid to speak up. Every single lesson is important so make sure you walk away knowing what you need to be doing.

5. Don’t be shy. Speak up. If you ever have any doubts or concerns the best solution is to ask questions. If you would rather speak to our student coordinator please email Emma at If your are a parent it is important that the teacher is able to meet you from time to time. For more information please see our Parent Page on or website. You can also communicate directly with myself by emailing

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