Keeping the Guitar Fun for Kids

Learning guitar can become challenging for children but if it all gets too serious they may lose interest. It is therefore important to put the fun back into learning by finding some songs that will spark them up. My suggestions are as follows;

Progressive Guitar Supplementary Songbook.
This book is graded for the first 3 levels of the Junior G4 GUITAR METHOD and contains many well know melodies. They not exactly recent tunes but most are familiar. You can purchase from our G4 GUITAR SHOP on line and we will post directly to you.

Pull out the CD collection.
Try to look through your collection of songs and play them to your children to see which ones get their attention. You may be surprised. Some songs date well. The Beatles, ACDC, The Eagles, Queen, Led Zeppelin are still popular with many kids today.

Surf the Net.
Try surfing the net for guitar tab. Websites include;

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