Improve your guitar skills faster by playing socially

A challenge for many musicians is staying motivated. To be a successful guitarist requires daily practice for years. Guitar is not like riding a bike. Guitar is more like fitness. Use it or lose it as they say. So how do we stay motivated to practice? The best way I believe is to either build or become involved in a community of local musicians. When I was a teen learning guitar my teacher put me in contact with other kids of a similar level of skill. We would jam on Sundays usually. Sometimes it went well and other times not so good but overall it motivated me to practice. If I performed poorly I would go home and practice harder than usual. On the days it went well I felt my practice was paying off. Either way I was inspired to practice more.In no time at all we were playing gigs (and getting paid to do so which was really just a bonus). It was the connection to other musicians in my neighbourhood that pushed and inspired me to keep improving and eventually go pro. I see many students who play guitar but not in a social way. They are looking to improve their playing by isolating themselves in the hope of one day surprising the world and as a result they don’t play socially. Almost all great musicians mix it up with others. Regular jams should be a part of weekly routine. Music is like language. Making conversation is the best way to improved your range.David Hart – Program Director


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