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The G4 Ultimate  GUITAR Teacher Training Pack is ideally for those guitar teachers who are serious about their teaching and want to be the best guitar teachers possible. Guitar teachers traditionally work alone preparing their own lesson plans, doing their own marketing and generally running their own business without any outside help. This is okay but many teachers are seeking to improve their skills so we are providing a .

The Benefits

  • TEACHER TRAINING – All teachers begin with the online training. You will have access to a range of helpful training blogs, videos, audios and podcasts to help you succeed as both a teacher and a small business operator.
  • G4 GUITAR METHOD – The G4 GUITAR METHOD is based on extensive research from over 25 years of teaching experience and is designed to get results for you and your students. You will have copyrights so will be able to print, copy and give to your students.
  • STUDENTS – We will include your contact details on our popular website so students can make inquiries.
  • CREDIBILITY – Using a proven effective method will help you to gain credibility as a guitar teacher and will be part of a network of teachers in Australia, UK, US and Canada.
  • LOCAL MARKETING – We also provide proven local marketing materials to help build your own student numbers quickly.
  • SUPPORT – We offer email support for teaching and business.
  • TESTIMONIALS – See some recent comments below.

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Teacher Testimonials
“Further validation of your training methods – I’ve been covering another teacher (not a G4 teacher) for the past two weeks.” This week I found out no less than four of his students have asked for me as a permanent teacher. Thanks for all your help :-)” – Daniel Holmes
“God damn your good Dave:)” – Chris Quinane.
“Hi David ~ Your advice is right on the mark. Thanks so much for being on my team.   I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for me and my studio” –  Rita Long
“I spent a few minutes speaking with a student and his mother the other evening. I was harsh but fair in what I said and explained how important practice is for playing any musical instrument. I shall see how he improves this week, and whether or not he’s practicing. Thanks for all your help on that a few weeks ago”. -Stefano Cosentino
“i appear to have found two more of “me”…one is at Take Note and one for Zumba…am paying them 5 hours a week each to do the adminy boring things I just dont get to and guess what…I can let go and trust them..thank you for teaching me how to! – Emma Payne

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