Give up your day job and become a pro guitarist

Many guitar students are asking about their career prospects as a professional guitarist. I think most would agree that a career as a guitarist is difficult and highly risky. But in my experience this is an out dated perception of real world of guitar. The idea that guitar is not a serious career option probably comes from the fact that most would see it simply as a hobby. The reality is many hobbies turn into industries. Sometimes massive industries. Walt Disney’s hobby of drawing cartoons is one great example. Bill Gates turned his hobby of computer programming into a global industry as did Steve Jobs with Apple Mac. Guitar manufactures for example like Fender and Gibson would hardly call guitar making a hobby these days.

The real challenge we face is changing the long held perception that a career as a guitarist is risky and only for a handful of very fortunate rock stars. The fact is the career guitarist has several options other then rock stardom. Currently there is a lack of higher education facilities for guitarists seeking a career simply due to the lack of acceptance that there is a huge music industry that now depends on guitarists. Guitarists who wish to have a career are essentially small business operators yet most lack essential business skills. There is no point in having great guitar skills if you can’t afford to buy new strings for your guitar when needed. A career guitarist does not need to be the world’s best guitarist. They just need to learn some essential business skills.

Today education and leisure industries are booming industries and guitar fits into both. The opportunity for a career as a guitarist would rate much higher than any other instrument. I started over 20 years ago and have never looked back. Today I am living proof of a career guitarist. Guitar has been my main source of income since I was in high school.

G4 GUITAR is now moving to the next stage. Many of our own students are now beginning to show real signs of promise. We want to assist and support these guitarists who want to pursue a career as a guitarist by giving them access to essential business training and ongoing support. As a result we have created a new program. For more information please visit the G4 GUITAR NETWORK page.

We live in exciting times and have a real chance of change in our industry. By working together we can help increase the pace of change and ensure those guitarists who choose a life of guitar can do so with confidence.

Hope that helps.

David Hart – Program Director


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