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Guitar dreamAs a child I couldn’t wait to get to my guitar lesson each week. It was the highlight of my week. I would hang out with other musicians at my local music center and by age 14 years was regularly jamming and even gigging. By 17 years old I had a network of musicians who I could jam with regularly. It was hugely inspiring and was all inspired by one man.

My teacher Mark Bergman was outstanding as both a player and a teacher and became an absolute inspiration to not only me but much of the local guitar community. A local hero you might say. Mark had the ability to bring musicians together and to push them beyond their comfort zone. He brought out the best in you. I was inspired by the way he connected musicians. This led me to a career in music and teaching but also inspired me to take it one step further.

I had imagined a place where the world’s best guitarists could come together to teach and share their knowledge and experience with students. I wanted to be able to tap in to their combined yet diverse talents. I knew if there must be other inspirational guitarists and teachers like Mark out there but the challenge was finding them and then bringing them together.

My early attempts at creating my vision came with many disappointments and enormous unexpected challenges. This led me on a path to understand how others had come to realised their dreams. One of the first people I read about was Walt Disney. When Disney decided to create Disneyland most people thought he was crazy. He went to hundreds of banks and money lenders to seek finance for his dream but was continually knocked back. I read many similar stories and realized that dreams are always personal and most people will think you are crazy. We somehow have this idea that all successful people were always successful as if they somehow were given their success. This is rarely the truth. Dreams of the results often of long arduous struggles.

In the late 90’s after almost giving up on the idea and focusing on my own teaching the internet made its first real appearance and this brought new hope. The main problem had been trying to connect with other inspiring guitar teachers and the internet for the first time was going to allow this. I recalled how my teacher Mark had connected me with other like minded teenagers and we were able to form bands and inspire each other. G4 GUITAR is based on that same experience. We are creating a community of guitarists but thanks to the internet our community is becoming worldwide. We know the secret to inspiration is connecting with like-minded people. In music if you play and connect with other musicians you will learn faster and become more inspired. G4 GUITAR is about doing this with teachers so students ultimately benefit.

In a sentence G4 GUITAR is all about connecting guitarists.

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