Choice is not necessarily a good thing

In recent years there have been many books written on the subject of choice. Probably one of the best reads is ‘The Paradox of Choice‘. The basic message is that choice is not necessarily always a good thing. We believe that no choice is a bad thing and that the many choices are good. In fact we associate choice to freedom. In many cases choices are positive and should be available.

When raising children the experts advise giving children positive choices rather than direct orders. E.g. “Would you like carrots or potatoes with your meal?” If a child was given unlimited choices they might choose ice cream or chips.  In one example a study where people were either given the choice of deciding whether to turn off the machine that was keeping their relative alive versus those who were not given a choice and the doctor choose to turn off the machine showed those who were given the choice were more likely to suffer from depression and guilt later on. In this case being given no choice was the better option.

So how does this apply to learning guitar. There are so many options for learning guitar that the choices can leave us overwhelmed and often directionless. Sticking to one method or program will have its drawbacks of course but it will create a clear direction and as the research clearly shows your chances of success will be dramatically increased.

In another example of a similar nature they found people who were on diet programs (almost any program) lost more weight on average than those who just tried to lose weight through improved eating and exercise. They believe the programs had the effect of instilling confidence into the dieter that they were on a path that would lead them to success so were more likely to stick with it.

Programs make choices for you and reduce the chances of getting off track. When it comes to succeeding on guitar a program like the G4 GUITAR METHOD will keep you on a clear path and limit the usual distractions that students face when learning guitar. Its not the be all and end all but it will get you to the first level which often the most important.

David Hart – Program Director


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