Buying a Guitar Amp? Here are TOP 10 tips.

Screen shot 2010-05-01 at 11.13.40 AMHere are Jay Irsaj’s (Wildflower Amplifier’s) Top 10 tips for buying a guitar amp.

1/ what /where do you want to use it

2/ what styles of music / sounds are you after

3/ tube or solid state ( I would prefer tube) But you remember the old PEAVEY Renown’s they weren’t that bad

4/ what amp configuration / Combo / head and cabinet. Would also come into the equation of what style (blues /rock combo ok) all the heavier and louder stuff Head and quad my recommendations.

5/ Marshall style amps – medium – heavy (AC/DC , led zep. ) depending on what model you purchased

6/ Fender is classic clean ( country, blues rock ., jazzy, Light rock) probably a little more versatile than the Marshall type but it will not get you into the heavier stuff.

7/ $500 – $600 – would be very basic entry kind of amp (new)

8/ Go into the shops and try / before you buy ask question

9/ Don’t rush into it until your exactly sure of what you want /need in a amp. (other wise it will become a boat anchor)

10/ Have fun doing it.

David Hart – Program Director


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