The G4 Guitar Blues Workshop

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Here are some examples of 12 Bar Blues

1950’s – Chuck Berry Key Bb

1960’s – BB King Key C

1970’s – Led Zeppelin Key A

1980’s – Stevie Ray Vaughn Key C (tuned down to 1/2 step to B)

1990’s Tracey Chapman Key F#

The Blues goes back in the history of music. So much so that it’s roots are embedded into modern music from Jimmy Hendrix and earlier artists right through to Lady Gaga, Foo Fighters, Jason Maraz and so on.

How can you say such a thing when those artists do not sound the same. Each one follows a similar set of rules. And in our workshop at G4 Guitar Method Paddington, we’ll be beginning looking at blues music, how it is structured and why it sounds the way it does. We’ll listen to some artists who are traditional blues musicians, and compare them to not so traditional musicians.

We’ll be covering scales and chord progressions with a blues twist and getting a clear understanding of what makes blues music tick.

A fun 1 hour workshop introducing blues, with Stefano as your helper discovering the blues. Look out for our other exciting workshops on different genres of music such as jazz, heavy metal, rock, funk, classical and special instructional workshops on changing your guitar strings, caring for your guitar, alternative tuning, and other great workshops.