Why you should practice early…

Morning practice for many makes all the difference. In fact it can be the most important practice session of the day. There are several reasons why.

Freedom. When we practice in the morning we don’t need to spend the day thinking about how we are going to fit in our practice later in the day. If you have a busy day thinking about how and when you will fit in your practice it can feel like a burden rather than a pleasure.

Clear. We are generally more alert in the morning oppose to later in the day or evening when we have a head full of the days events. Our heads are clear so the quality of our practice is often better.
Theme. You can set a theme for the day. E.g. G major scale. So as well as your morning physical workout you can add an mp3 to your ipod and listen through out the day to develop your aural awareness. You can also visualize the scale to help memorise.

Skipping. Leaving something till late in the day often means if something comes up you are likely to skip practice that day. Morning practice ensures you have done something (even 10 mins) therefore you are moving forward.

Uninterupted. I find I am less likely to get interrupted. Friends tend to ring at night more so then 7am in the morning.

Relax. At night you can just relax and jam out. Make the morning focus time and night chill time.

Faster. Those who practice in the morning also have the luxury of doing more practice at night. This means an option for faster progress if you so desire.

Feeling good. Perhaps the most important point is how it makes you feel. When you have a routine of morning practice you will feel good for the day because you know your dream of playing guitar is actually coming true. Each day as you leave for school or work (or not) you can feel good about the fact that your practice is done.

If you choose to do morning practice I can assure you it will pay off.

If you have any questions email me. david@g4guitar.com.au


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