Which guitar should I learn on?

This is a common question. You can in fact start on any guitar as long as it has 6 strings and is in reasonable condition. Below I have listed some pluses and minuses of each of the three most common types of guitars.

+Nylon strings so tends to be easier on the fingers.
+Nice soft sound that won’t annoy the neighbours
+Inexpensive and light weight
-They tend to drift out of tune easily

Steel string acoustic
+Holds it tune well
+Usually more volume
+Perfect volume for singing
-Can be hard on the fingers

+Light gauge strings are an option
+Perfect for amping up, adding effects or even plugging into your computer.
+Great for rock
-You need some kind of amplification.

As you can see each choice offers something different but if you are like me you will end up with one (or more) of each.

Size is also a consideration depending on your age.

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