The Excuses Guitar Students Make – Which Is Your Favourite?

ExcusesTo be successful on guitar you need to be consistent with your practice and your lessons but more to achieve this you MUST put an end to the excuses you make.  I could write a book on the number of excuses I have heard over the years but here are some of the most popular ones you need to be aware of.

1. I had too much work/homework. Whether it be school homework or work homework this excuse is all too familiar. Too much home work is usually a case of procrastination especially if its a common occurrence. Perhaps you were given an assignment and had a month to do it but kept putting it off until the due date was literally the next day. Naturally guitar practice and everything else for that matters needs to take a back seat. Avoid procrastinating and you will usually have enough time to do most things.

2. I am just too busy. If you decide to learn guitar and find that you are just too busy to practice you may as well stop right now. Just are obviously trying to juggle too many balls. You need to decide what you have time for and what  needs to be eliminated. Guitar needs 30 minutes of your time each day. Anything less (except for young children who can do less) is really pointless.

3. Too many distractions. If someone or something in the house is a constant distraction you need to either make it very clear that your guitar practice time is a time for you to be left undisturbed or you need to find another place to practice or choose a time when the distractions are not present.

4. I didn’t understand what to do. While this is a legitimate excuse for not practicing a new exercise or song it is not a good reason for doing no practice at all. If this is ever the case review previous exercises or practice something that you do understand.

5. My guitar was out of tune. Students should not rely on their teacher to keep their guitars in tune.You should have a guitar tuner on hand and if you don’t understand how to use it this should be your first priority at your next lesson. If for some reason you can’t tune your guitar take it to a local music shop and ask and perhaps buys some picks in return.

What’s your No.1 excuse?

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