The 10 minute a Day Guitar Practice Strategy

10 mins a dayProcrastination is definitely high on the list of reasons why students fail to learn guitar. If you are guilty of skipping your daily practice due to procrastination the 10 minute a day strategy may just be the answer. One of the main reasons we tend to avoid any task is because we just don’t feel like we have the time. I know this feeling come tax time. It feels like such a huge task that I just want to keep putting it off. These days I rarely have a problem because I now apply my 10 minute a day strategy and before I know it my tax return is done.
No time for guitar practice? Really?
Most students will cite a lack of time as the reason why they did not practice guitar. The truth is time is rarely the reason. It just feels that way. Its mostly likely procrastination. When you get home from school or work your first instinct is relax or attend to those things in front of you. E.g. Checking emails, Facebook or perhaps you grab a bite, watch a little TV, surf the net or chat to a friend. Before you know it several hours have passed and it feels like there are just not enough hours in the day.
Changing your perception 
Those tasks that seem to require a good 30 minutes or more of time tend to get pushed back while we attend to the so-called 2 minute tasks like checking emails even though checking your emails will almost always take 30 minutes or more. Its actually all about perception. When we think about guitar practice we imagine that it will take a lot of our time so we put it off till later but later of course never comes. The solution is to turn what seems like a big task (30+ mins) into a small task (10mins).
Do just 10 minutes each time.
You can of course do more but you can stop after 10 minutes if you wish. 10 mins is such a short time period that you can fit it in almost anywhere on your schedule. In fact you will find it easy enough to do more than once a day when you get into the routine. Doing 10 mins a day will build your confidence and there will be days where you will not even notice the time and end up doing more. Over time you will almost certainly increase your practice. I say almost certainly because the hardest part about learning guitar is establishing the practice routine. Once your routine is in place going to 20 mins, 30 mins or an hour or more is easy. Remember what matters most is consistency. 10 mins a day is better than 70 mins once a week. If you are not practicing at least 6 days a week then give it a try.
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