How do I get my child started learning music?

Guitar kidsMany parents ask the question of when should their child begin to learn music. The short answer is ‘As soon as possible’. Even before we are born we are able hear sounds. Researchers found that music played to babies after 20 weeks from conception caused a response in the womb and even recall after birth. Although science still has much to learn about the full effects I can personally vouch for the value of starting to learn music early as many of my best students over the years were introduced to music at a very early age. Where do you start? Music learning is similar to language. Its starts with listening (exposure) by playing music at home, playing an instrument or singing songs. A musical home environment is really the best way to inspire and introduce your child to learning music. What songs should you play or sing? Remember its like learning a language so although most music will be good they recommend more relaxing music. Babies can be sensitive to loud sudden noise as we all are if we were not expecting it I guess. I found a great website full of children’s songs called As far as I can tell its free and will give you access to lots of children’s song and includes the lyrics, melody and even some videos.

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