Guitar Student’s Quit for 2 Reasons – So they say

NOOOOWhenever a guitar teacher says to me their student quit and gave a reason I say “Let me guess. They have no time or couldn’t afford the lessons.” There are only 2 real reasons most students give but these reasons are rarely true and here is why.

Reason 1. No time. This is by far the No.1 reason students quit guitar. They will typically say “I have no time to practice” or “I have so much on at the moment so something has to give.” The fact is time is not the problem. The real problem is usually hidden from view. It could be that the student is disorganised, is not understanding the lessons, finds the practice a chore or just lacks confidence in their ability to learn the guitar. Whatever the reason my advice to students is not to give up without at least exploring my theory a little. Begin by chatting with your teacher about your schedule and how you feel. Get to the root of the problem because I can assure you that you do have the time. If you spend no time on pointless phone calls, surfing the net, playing games or watching TV then I may just be wrong. Reason 2. No money. This is an interesting one because a guitar lesson is generally a small cost. About the same as eating out at a restaurant. The average person can afford the cost of a guitar lesson each week especially in a group setting. The real problem has to do with value. When students are not progressing for one reason or another they cannot see the value in the lessons. My advice to students is firstly to discuss the issue with your teacher perhaps telling them what you were actually hoping for. Failing that seek out another teacher even if they are more expensive. Finding the right teacher is more important than the price. In summary if you are learning guitar be aware of these 2 reasons. If you find yourself wanting to quit step back and think carefully about why. If you are using one of the above excuses you may need to dig a little deeper.

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