3 reasons people quit guitar

1. No time. Time is the one thing we all get equally yet some  manage their 24 hours a day far better than others. When we claim we have no time we are usually lying to ourselves. What we actually have is a lack of organisation in our lives. The solution is to write down your priorities and then schedule those priorities beginning at the top of your list. If guitar is too far down on your list that you run out of time on your schedule you have two choices. Either move it up the list or forget about learning guitar. Why stress yourself out? Either you have the time or you don’t. Your priorities will change so you can always come back to it once you finish university or building your dream home or scaling Mt Everest.

2. No money. I often here people claiming they want to learn guitar but can’t afford to. I argue that guitar is perhaps one of the least expensive things you can do. Learning guitar will likely save you money. Most musicians would must prefer to be jamming with friends than going out on the town. Its more fun and lot less expensive.  Guitars are cheap, maintenance costs are very low and guitar lessons are affordable for almost anyone. When people say they can’t afford it I ask them how much they think it will cost and then explain the real cost and most are pleasantly surprised.

3. No patience. Some students expect too much too soon. I know I did as a teen. Its what I call the ‘Are we there yet’ syndrome. Learning guitar usually takes longer than you think and far too often impatience sets in before reaching your goals. My suggestion is to find a teacher not just because they will help you to learn faster but because they will keep you motivated and put your learning in perspective. My blogs revolve largely around the psychology of learning guitar because your mind will be your biggest hurdle not your hands when it comes to learning guitar. Master your mind and you will succeed.

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