A star is born. Really? I think they are made.

When we think of very talented musicians it is easy to assume they were somehow born with such talents. This theory has little if any evidence but there is plenty of evidence that being born into the right family is a major factor.

Without a doubt Delta Goodrem would be among Australia’s top selling artists and I believe holds the record for the highest selling debut album and is a current judge on the top rating TV show The Voice. Well yesterday Delta turned up to Cairns for a promo performance and the guitarist Michael Dolce (also the resident guitarist on the voice) happens to be a friend so I arranged with Michael to do an interview back stage. During the interview Michael revealed that his father was a big early influence on him showing an interest in guitar. Michael’s father had a keen interest in music and guitar which resulted in Michael picking up a guitar from a young age.

When Delta arrived backstage I noticed she was accompanied by her mother. Delta even made some references to her mother during the performance and it soon became apparent that Delta’s mother was very supportive. I personally don’t know the full story but I would guess for Delta to possess the incredible singing, piano and song writing talents at such an early age that her mother played a major role. Delta did start lessons very early and my guess is her mother knew how to recognize good teachers who would be able to coach Delta to become a great all round musician.

The moral to this story is simple. Great musicians are made not born. As parents we can help ignite a musical passion in our children from an early age simply by taking an interest and finding good teachers. School gives children a taste of music but it falls seriously short of any real influence. I understand music lessons may not be affordable for every parent but for those who can it’s worth exploring. If you take an active role as a parent the odds are very good that your child will grow to love learning and exploring music. Musical talent is a gift parents can give their children and one that I thank my parents for.

David J Hart

Location:Cairns Queensland Australia

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