Why online guitar lessons are becoming the preferred choice by many students

When I speak to students many say that they are not interested in online lessons because it feels strange and impersonal. I then follow up by asking if they have tried an online lesson and in almost every case the answer is no. I now teach exclusively online as do many teachers across a range of industries and it is highly effective but comes with a few added benefits. Online learning is very convenient for both teacher and student. Guitar teachers for as long as I can remember have had a conflict of interests. Guitar teachers want to be playing gigs which often means touring. This leads to lesson cancellations and students being forced to change teachers mid way through their learning. Kids especially will often quit guitar when their teacher leaves because they don’t like change. Online lessons solve this problem. Guitarists can now take their students with them wherever they go. Now for students they get the convenience of learning from home. This saves parents having to organise their busy schedule to get kids to and from lessons. Guitar lessons are typically 30 mins and if you allow for travel its at least an hour out of the parent’s day that could be better spent I am sure. Learning online while not the same as having a teacher in front of you is just as effective and I believe will become the standard in the next 5 years.



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