The mindset of a great guitar player

Mindset in my opinion is the critical factor in success on guitar. A lack of confidence for example would have to be the number one reason why people give up guitar. Let me describe a typical scenario where a student quits guitar. They get inspired, buy a guitar, find a teacher and begin their journey. First lesson goes well as they listen closely to the teachers instruction. At the end of the lesson they are excited and spend 10 minutes each day or until their fingers get sore. Second lesson goes okay but the level of enthusiasm has dropped a little. By the third week they are not really feeling like the time invested into practice is paying off. By the fourth week they conclude they are just not cut out to play guitar and besides life is too short to be wasting it practicing guitar. While it may not be immediately obvious what has happen is the above student has gradually lost confidence. Their vision of the future is one where they have invested hundreds of hours into practice with no pay off. The student believes they lack the necessary ability to play guitar. Confidence is basically a belief in ones self that you can do something. To succeed at guitar you must begin by believing you can. Anyone can learn to play guitar but the ones who actually end up playing guitar are the ones who began with the right mindset.

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