Online guitar lessons are here

We now live in a time where guitar lessons will take a radical shift. Up until the last few years learning with a guitar teacher online was impossible. The technology required for a fast clear connection via webcam is only now coming online. In the next few years we will see a big leap forward in quality which means learning guitar online with a teacher will equal the experience we get when sitting in the same room. The difference is the online experience will offer convenience and choice. You will be able to find your ideal teacher anywhere in the world. Of course there will still be advantages to a local teacher such as networking you with other students and the local music scene but what I see is a combination. I see it like school where students can have a few different teachers who will teach them different subjects. E.g. A chord specialist or a shred specialist or a jazz master and so on. We are about to enter a very exciting time so I hope you are ready. It would be great to hear your thoughts on the subject too.



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Guitar Lessons


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