Are your kids watching too much TV? Guitar might be the answer.

According to an article I recently read a TV station aired over 200 junk food ads during the Saturday morning children’s shows. Junk food is now big business and it’s literally poisoning our children. This is not about to change and if anything the junk food companies are getting more aggressive. They know that parents aren’t really watching as TV tends to act like a baby sitter while they get house work done. I would like to suggest a solution that certainly worked for me. When I started learning both drums and guitar at age 14 I soon found myself less and less interested in TV. The lure of guitar became so strong that I would spend hours in my room working on some aspect of guitar. Little did I realize that guitar was actually taking away what would have been TV time. Children I believe watch TV out of boredom. When they have other interests they will naturally spend less time watching TV. Guitar is not the only option of course but it’s a great place to start.

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Guitar Lessons

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