3 classic mistakes made by beginner guitar students

3 mistakes made by beginner guitarists

1. They try to do too much. One of my pet hates is when I hear someone refer to a guitarist as being able to play everything. Firstly no guitarist can play everything but more importantly it’s irrelevant. I just want to know if they can something well. Quantity comes a distant second to quality.

2. They fail to develop good technique. In a rush to be the world’s next guitar sensation many beginner guitar students try to side step technique going straight to their favorite songs. This always comes back to haunt as they struggle to get past an early intermediate level of guitar playing due to poor technique. If you are serious about guitar slow down and get this one right. You will be glad you did.

3. They focus on the wrong things. This is a common trap. A good example is picking. Guitar students will be trying to learn let’s say a new riff and most of their focus is on the fretting hand almost completing ignoring their picking. It should be the other way around. 70% of their attention should be focused on the picking.

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